Graphic Arts - Steel Strapping Systems

Steel Strapping

As the industry leader in steel strapping systems since 1913, we maintain an aggressive approach to the design and development of protective packaging systems for the Graphic Arts Industry. At the heart of each of these systems is our Magnus® or Apex Plus™ steel strapping. Each is specially formulated to meet the demands of a particular range of applications. To ensure the best performance of these strapping materials, we've also designed a full line of application equipment and accessories, including seals, hand tools, power strap feeders and dispensers. Our Graphic Arts Industry sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.

Apex Plus™ steel strapping

Apex Plus is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping, engineered to yield a higher break strength at a thinner gauge than regular-duty steel strapping. In many light to medium-duty applications, Apex Plus can substitute for heavier gauge regular-duty steel strapping to save money on material and shipping costs.

Magnus® steel strapping



Magnus is a cold-rolled, heat-treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications.