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Plastic Strapping

Signode Packaging Systems is the leading worldwide provider of plastic strapping systems for the securement of a wide range of products, including PET bottles, glass containers and metal cans. Two plastic strapping materials — polyester and polypropylene — are the basic components of our plastic strapping systems. We also offer an extensive line of application equipment, ranging from simple hand tools to fully automated, operatorless machines. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.

Tenax® polyester strapping

Tenax polyester strapping is ideally suited for unitizing PET bottle, glass container and metal can bulk loads. It yields higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retained strap tension than polypropylene strapping. So straps stay tight on beverage loads that tend to shift during handling and transit. Tenax can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment. Some sizes are available in long coils for fewer coil changeovers and greater uptime.


High-Strength Tenax™ polyester strapping

High-Strength Tenax is a highly engineered polyester strapping material that combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. Since its introduction in 1990, High-Strength Tenax has become a viable replacement for steel strapping in many heavy-duty unitizing, waste baling and tin plate applications. Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking, making it an excellent choice for tin plate unitizing.


Contrax® polypropylene strapping

Contrax polypropylene strapping is designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment. Its excellent elongation recovery properties make it a good choice for light to medium-duty unitizing applications, including horizontal unitization of case goods.



Closed Loop Recycling Program for Tenax polyester strapping

Committed to developing ideas for recycling and reusing the products we make, Signode's innovative Closed Loop Recycling Program enables companies to recycle used polyester strapping to reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs. It's an easy, practical and economical way to fulfill your environmental safeguarding objectives. To learn more about the Closed Loop Recycling Program or to begin participating, contact your Graphic Arts Industry Specialistor contact us at 1-800-323-2464.