Graphic Arts - Plastic Strapping Systems

Hand Tools


The VT-16/19/25HD and VFX-9/13 pneumatic sealless combination tools are designed to yield high joint strengths and high retained tension, making them ideal for bundled products that tend to shift and settle during shipping and handling. With the VT-16/19/25HD weighing less than 10.5 lbs. and the VFX-9/13 weighing approximately 5 lbs., both tools are easy to operate in either the vertical or horizontal position.


Manual Hand Tools

Manual hand tools are the most basic form of strap application equipment. They are perfect for operations that either do not have access to power sources or do not require the speed of powered hand tools. Signode manual tensioners provide strap operators with a simple method for tightening strapping around a load. A manual sealer is then used to positively join the tensioned strap ends together, ensuring that loads remain secure during transit, handling and storage. To make strap application more convenient and efficient, we also manufacture seal-feed and sealless combination tools, which combine the tasks of tensioning, sealing and cutting in a single tool.