Power Strapping Machines

Power strapping machines, the most efficient method for strap application, ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity. We manufacture the GCU SmartFlex corrugated unitizer and ISB corrugated bundlers.

GCU SmartFlex compression strapping machine

The GCU SmartFlex compresses and straps corrugated loads utilizing a modular head design for easy maintenance and operation. Learn more at our Smart Technology page.


GCU SmartFlex Features

Modular strapping heads

Separate, lightweight tensioning and sealing modules are easy to access and remove for maintenance, reducing downtime.

Strap placement flexibility
Innovative head spacing with five positions provides for variable strap placement options and minimizes the need for double stroking.

"Smart" dispensers
The strap feeding modules are mounted directly onto the dispenser framework, enabling simple one-step loading and feeding.


Signode SmartPad

Signode SmartPad, measures unitizer performance versus capability in real-time. Easily integrated into the unitizer’s programmable logic controller (PLC), SignodeSmart provides real-time data reports allowing you to immediately identify improvement opportunities to increase production. Learn more at our Smart Technology page.


Real-time production data

From monitoring safety infractions to recording all attempts and errors at the unitizer, Signode SmartPad captures and records crucial data to optimize productivity and minimize downtime for your operation.


ISB in-line corrugated bundle squaring and strapping machine

The ISB automatic in-line corrugated bundler improves production efficiency with reliable, high-speed, low-maintenance operation. It automatically squares and straps up to 30 bundles per minute in the flute direction as they exit the folder-gluer or other finishing equipment. The ISB is available in three basic models accommodating stack widths of 170 to 1300 mm, 1600 mm and 2,000 mm.


ISB Features

Increases productivity

At up to 30 bundles per minute, the ISB machine straps one bundle while squaring the next for maximum productivity.

Lower cost of ownership
ISB machines feature a simplified design with more durable wear parts, reducing maintenance costs and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Modular design
Available in three different models, the ISB's modular design allows for easy integration into any operation.

Modular Head Conversion

The Signode Unitizer Retrofit Program integrates our MHC modular strapping heads into CLM-8 and competitive strapping machines out in the field to simplify operation and reduce maintenance. The MHC modular strapping heads require fewer adjustments and have less moving and wearing parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs, increased productivity and a lower total cost of ownership.