Brick and Concrete Pavers Industry

Our protective packaging systems for the Brick and Concrete Paver Industries are centered around the material that ultimately secures loads for handling, shipping and storage — plastic or steel strapping. While, traditionally, steel strapping has been utilized for load securement, many recent technological advancements have paved the way for high-strength polyester strapping materials. Polyester strapping has proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in brick and concrete paver packaging applications. Before converting steel strapping operations to plastic, however, it's important to have a Signode Construction Industry Specialist evaluate your application. Regardless of the material you choose, we offer a full range of application tools, equipment and accessories to complete your strapping system. To learn more about Signode strapping systems for brick and concrete pavers, make your selection from the orange navigation bar above. Or, browse through the entire Brick and Concrete Paver site by utilizing the Quick Tour button.